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Bonjour à tous,

Ci-joint un message du président d'EURO, la société européenne de recherche opérationnelle, au sujet de la soumission de projets européens sur la thématique de la recherche opérationnelle.


I am happy to contact you as the newly appointed president of EURO, and  would like to draw your attention on an important new for our community.

We are extremely pleased to announce that, in response to a request from EURO on behalf of all Operational Research academics, the European Research Council (ERC) has agreed to include the term Operational Research in one of the current descriptors of the Mathematics Panel (PE1).

Starting from the 2021 calls the PE1_20 descriptor is renamed into ?Control, Optimisation and Operational Research.?

I quote here the letter to EURO by ERC President Jean-Pierre Bourguignon:

"The Scientific Council is confident that this change will help the operational research community finding clearly a place in the programme and is looking forward to seeing an increase in the number of submissions in this area. The modified panel descriptors, including this change, are now available on the ERC website and I would be grateful if you could bring this to the attention of the operational research community."

We recall that ERC will again operate within the Excellent Science Pillar of the opening Horizon Europe framework programme, funding principal investigators presenting innovative and excellent research proposals in all fields. For the quality of the selection process, the focus on excellence, and the dimension of the grants, ERC has established as one of the main trademarks of success in science.

The agenda for ERC submission in 2021 is a little delayed and the first 2021 call, related to Starting Grant should open in approx. in one month; Consolidator and Advanced will follow closely. Below you find pointers where you can monitor the call dates, among other information of relevance.

This is a very short time window for Starting Grant submissions, but not impossible; I am confident that with your help and support our community could produce many competitive applications and make its scientific relevance evident in this selective and challenging arena.

I would therefore like to ask you to disseminate this information as soon as possible to your society and actively push colleagues to collect their best ideas and consider submitting and ERC proposal ? this is particularly important for young researchers eligible for Starting Grants (2 to 7 years after Ph.D.).

I know that obtaining an ERC grant could be hard, and at it may require several attempts to refine a winning proposal; nevertheless, I believe that today, given the opening provided by the new descriptor, our community cannot avoid putting forward its best talents and competing.

EURO remains open to any feedback or questions for clarification, and will activate its network to support at its best colleagues willing to submit an ERC proposal.

For the time being, you find below a subset of interesting links on the issue.

2021 ERC descriptors

Information on ERC calls

Information on 2021 Calls

Youtube Tutorials
How to write part B1 of an ERC  proposal:
How to write part B2 of an ERC  proposal:
Important to know when applying:
How the evaluation works:

While waiting for your prompt feedback,
I send my best regards

Prof. Marc Sevaux
President of EURO

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