EURO WISDOM Forum - Webinar on Bias/Fairness and Artificial Intelligence 20th April 2020, 15.00 (UTC

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Bonjour à tous,

Veuillez trouver ci-dessous une annonce concernant le premier évènement d'EURO WISDOM Forum (action d'EURO concernant l'égalité homme-femme).

Le premier évènement est une webinar sur les biais et l'équité en intelligence artificielle qui aura lieu lundi prochain 20 avril à 14h (heure française -  attention au décalage horaire avec l'organisatrice irlandaise de cet évènement).

Pour s'inscrire, il faut envoyer un lien à

Bien cordialement,
Céline (pour le bureau de la ROADEF)


Following the EURO 2018 Women in Science and EURO 2019 Women in OR
sessions, interested members of the OR community are working with the
EURO Executive Committee on an initiative to create the EURO WISDOM
Forum (Women In Society: Doing Operational Research and Management

This initiative restates the need for gender main-streaming and affirms
that OR/MS can offer exciting opportunities for all women if they have
equal access to resources and adequate training. Gender main-streaming
aims to integrate a gender dimension into existing institutions and
practices in order to achieve meaningful gender equality.

WISDOM is a forum to support, empower, and encourage the participation
of all genders in OR/MS within EURO. In particular, it aims to promote
inclusivity by the following actions:
1. Advise/make recommendations/highlight best practices to the EURO
executive on issues facing women in OR. Such guidelines can be
disseminated to EURO member societies and Working Groups. Positive
progress, outcomes and activities of member societies can serve as a
template for other member societies;
2. Promote championing, networking and mentoring, particularly of women
at the early stages of their career in OR;
3. Promote a conversation around how OR can be utilised to help create a
diverse and inclusive future.

In January 2020, all EURO member societies were invited to nominate one
or two members
to participate in establishing the EURO WISDOM Forum. At the moment, the
organising committee (OC) includes 21 members from 10 European OR
societies including two EURO representatives, the EURO Vice Presidents
Julia Bennell and Claudia Archetti. The chair of the WISDOM OC is Paula
Carroll and the Secretary is Annunziata Esposito Amideo, both from the
University College Dublin, Ireland.
The WISDOM Forum will operate through three subcommittees focusing on
Research, Events and Public Relations (PR). The subcommittees chairs
are: Research : Paula Carroll, Events :
Renata Mansini (University of Brescia ,Italy), and PR: Tatiana
Tchemisova (University of Aveiro, Portugal).


Our first event is a webinar on “Bias/Fairness and Artificial
Intelligence”. You can register for the webinar and subscribe to
WISDOM Forum updates by emailing

Webinar Format
* Expert panellists explains data bias in their respective disciplines
and application areas (~10/15 minutes each);
* Roundtable discussion with audience participation (~15 minutes).


Prof Alan Smeaton is Professor of Computing at Dublin City University,
Ireland and a Founding Director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics
at DCU. He will speak on Data bias in automatic image and video
captioning and its impact. For more information about Alan see [1]

Dr Claire Gormley is an Associate Professor in the School of Mathematics
and Statistics in University College Dublin, Ireland and a Funded
Investigator in the Insight Centre for Data Analytics and the VistaMilk
research centre. Her research develops novel statistical methods for the
analysis of complex data arising from substantive problems. The methods
solve applied problems across a range of disciplines, including
epigenetics, metabolomics, genomics, social science, sports science and
political science. She will speak on Be fair to the models: the
importance of assumptions in data analytics and modelling. For more
information about Claire see [2];

Dr Fintan Costello, is an Associate Professor in the School of Computer
Science, University College Dublin, Ireland. His research interests
cover a number of different areas in computer science, psychology and
maths. His main interests are: biases in human reasoning and decision
making; processes of rational inference in cognition; the origins of
bias and rationality in human thought; computational models of
probabilistic reasoning; computational models of decision making. He
will speak on Bias and rationality in human reasoning (and why the same
biases apply to AI). For more information about Fintan see [3].

Dr Susan Leavy is an Assistant Professor in the School of Information
and Communication Studies, University College Dublin, Ireland with
research interests in artificial intelligence and digital policy,
developing interdisciplinary frameworks for the governance and
regulation of machine learning algorithms. She will speak on Gender bias
and Artificial Intelligence. For more information about Susan see [4]

Dr Paula Carroll, UCD, Chair WISDOM Forum


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