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Nous faisons suivre un appel à soumissions de la société lituanienne de recherche opérationnelle pour une conférence prévue en septembre à Vilnius.

Pour le bureau de la ROADEF,



Dear Colleague,

We are delighted to invite you and yours colleagues, who are interested in application of computational methods, OR and social sciences, to take part in the International Conference and EURO Mini Conference

"Modeling & Simulation of Social-Behavioral Phenomena in Creative Societies" (MSBC-2019),

held at September 18-20, 2019, Vilnius, LIthuania,
see, .

Participants will have an opportunities to meet leading experts in modeling and simulation of social-behavioral phenomena as well as to submit articles to high level paper issues to be published in Springer Conference Proceedings as well as in the  top-rated journals:
- Central European Journal of Operational Research (referenced WOS and SCOPUS);
- EURO Journal on Decision Processes (referenced WOS and SCOPUS);
- Creativity Studies (referenced SCOPUS).

Looking forward to seeing you in Vilnius this September !

With best regards,
Leonidas Sakalauskas, Prof. Hab. Dr.
MSBC-2019 OC Chair
Institute of Data Science & Digital Technologies
Vilnius University, Vilnius

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