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Je me présente, je m'appelle ES-SAIYDY Mohammed Amine. vous pouvez m'appeler Amine!

Tout d'abord merci pour l'attention que vous allez porter ce message.

Je suis un étudiant en M1 Recherche Opérationnelle à Bordeaux et je suis à la recherche d'un stage de 4-5 mois pour renforcer mes acquis.

La formation que j'ai suivie m'a permise d’acquérir les compétences fondamentales en optimisation mathématique (modélisation mathématique, optimisation combinatoire, outils de résolution, bases de la programmation).

Du coup, je partage avec vous en bas les projets sur lesquels je travaille pendant cette année scolaire au cas ou vous avez des propositions, indications  à me faire :) !


Master 1 - Second Semester Projects
Bordeaux University

 *the problem of scheduling a set of jobs on a set of identical parallel machines, with the aim of minimizing the total weighted completion time based on time-indexed,  and an enhanced arc-flow formulations.
 * Introduction to the mathematical programming for traveling salesman problem with communication with the solver using Callbacks.
 *From an oriented and evaluated G = (V;E) , solving The p-Median Problem as an application to Lagrangian-Relaxation.
* From an non oriented graph. Implementing subdivisions to k-classes with four meta-heuristics means :
Enumeration, gradient descent, simulated annealing, and Tabou method.
 * Implementing on IBM ILOG OPL : A tank allocation problem involves the assignment of different
cargoes (volumes of chemical products to be shipped by the vessel) to the available tanks of the vessel considering several difficult constraints.
The TTPPV problem was introduced by Gilles Pesant, and consists of finding an optimal compact single round robin schedule for a sport event.

 * Implementing in C ++ the mechanisms of inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation on the example of Chess and Checkers and configuring a graphic interface for the game.

Master 1 - First Semester Projects
Bordeaux University

 * Assimilation of the sorting algorithms and their complexities.
 * The problem of the spanning tree of the minimum weight, and solving using the Kruskal algorithm.
 * implementing the Bellman-Ford algorithm to compute the shortest paths from a vertex in a directed graph.
  * Dijkstra’s algorithm implementation by priority queue of STL Library.
  * Study of the enumerating methods allowing to solve linear program in integers as branch-and-bound, branch-and-cut.
     Modeling with Julia language : Application to bin-packing problem.


Très ravi de rejoindre votre communauté  !


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