Appel à projets EURO - General Fund Support

EURO, la société européenne de Recherche Opérationnelle, lance un appel à projets portant notamment sur le soutien à l'organisation d'événements en lien avec la Recherche Opérationnelle.

Message de Sarah Fores, manager de la société EURO

Please be reminded that EURO have a General Support Fund to support any activity related to EURO that cannot be covered by other instruments of EURO. 

The General Support funds should not be used as a support to regular activities of the member societies and EURO working groups (such as national meetings and conferences).

Priority will always be given to:

*bids that give special consideration to the need of students (e.g., organiser of an event related to EURO willing to subsidise the participation of students),
*bids that give special consideration to the need of organisers of OR events in Central and Eastern Europe,
*bids that emanate from a member society of EURO or organisers of EURO sponsored events or organisers of events sponsored by a member society of EURO.

Although bids emanating from individuals (e.g. students willing to attend a Conference closely related to EURO) are, in principle, acceptable, they will be given a very low priority. They are approved only in exceptional cases.

There is still money left so applications will be evaluated on a first-come first-serve monthly basis until there is no funding left. 

The bids are kept informal. They should, however, always contain a description of the project and a budget. They should mention the support that has been obtained or solicited from other sources.

Bids should be submitted online:


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